Payment and cancellation Policy

Wild Wise Woman Retreat 2024


Payment and cancellation Policy for Wise Wild Woman Retreat 2024 at Jep’s Place.

This Cancellation Policy is entered into by and between the contractual party, Jep’s Place AB, and participants booking the Wise Wild Woman Retreat.


  1. Booking Confirmation:
    1. All bookings for the Wise Wild Woman Retreat at Jep’s Place require a non-refundable deposit of 200 euros to secure a reservation.
    2. The balance of the total retreat cost is due by the 10th of July 2024.
  1. Cancellation Terms:
    1. Clients may cancel their reservation up until the 10th of July 2024, but in doing so, they will forfeit their non-refundable deposit of 200 euros.
    2. For bookings made before the 31st of January 2024, the total cost of the retreat is 900 euros. For bookings made after the 31st of January 2024, the total cost is 1100 euros.
    3. If cancellation occurs after the 10th of July 2024, the full retreat cost will be charged, and no refunds will be issued.
  1. Jep’s Place Cancellation:
    1. Jep’s Place reserves the right to cancel the Wise Wild Woman Retreat and refund the deposit to clients until the 10th of July 2024
    2. In the event of cancellation by Jep’s Place due to unforeseen circumstances or reasons beyond their control, clients will receive a full refund, including the non-refundable deposit.
  1. Refund Process:
    1. Refunds will be processed within 5 working days from the date of cancellation approval.
  1. Client Responsibility:
    1. Clients are responsible for ensuring timely payment of the remaining balance by the specified due date.
    2. Failure to make the balance payment by the due date may result in the cancellation of the reservation without a refund of the deposit.
  1. Amendment or Changes:
    1. Any changes or amendments to the booking must be communicated in writing and are subject to availability and approval by Jep’s Place.

By making a reservation for the Wise Wild Woman Retreat at Jep’s Place, clients acknowledge and agree to abide by the terms and conditions outlined in this Cancellation Policy.

Please note that this policy is subject to change or modification at the discretion of Jep’s Place.



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