Women Wisdom Circle


connect - support - inspire

every month with the energy of the full moon


24 February 2024 16:00 – 20:00 at Jep's Place


In our Women’s Wisdom Circle we let the feminine energy flow, tap into our inner wisdom and get energised by the full moon. We connect deeply with ourselves and each other, having a safe space to share, celebrate and inspire. 


The Full Moons of 2024: Moments of Manifestation

Imagine the Full Moons of 2024 as grand ribbon-cutting ceremonies, where you have the opportunity to proudly showcase and celebrate the fruits of your labor over the past six months. These celestial events have the power to intensify your emotions and may even trigger profound emotional releases. It is a time to seize the moment and either reap the rewards or make a fresh start if you are ready for something new.

Each New Moon aligns with a specific zodiac sign, and six months later, a Full Moon graces the same sign, completing a transformative cycle. By tracking the moon’s journey through the zodiac, you can effectively set long-term goals each year. Consider these Full Moons as your personal six-month window to manifest your desires and aspirations.

In summary, the Full Moons of 2024 offer you the perfect platform to showcase your achievements and celebrate your hard work.


Virgo Full Moon

This full moon lands in the energy of Virgo- the sign of the Goddess. This Full Moon is an opportunity to tune into your divine feminine power and embrace the notion that you are enough. Virgo teaches us that we are the director of our lives, and we decide what energies enter, stay, and which energies should be released. The Virgo vibration is healing and empowering, reminding us of our inherent power to manifest anything we desire.⁠

Coming at the start of Pisces Season, this Virgo Full Moon helps you understand the impact of imposter syndrome- a mental mindset that affects so many, making them feel not good enough or worthy of their lives. The practices in this issue of the Full Moon Workbook take you on a journey of addressing these feelings in yourself. They empower you to own your worth and feel deserving of the life you created.⁠

(source: Spirit Daughter)


This circle

As always, we’ll have a mix of physical activities, meditation, creative endeavors, and a good old sharing circle. And of course, we’ll have dinner, music, and dancing to keep the good vibes flowing. Plus, we’ll be open to whatever else the group needs.

Please note that this circle is a sacred and safe space where anything can happen. It’s important to let go of any expectations beforehand and simply enjoy the experiences that unfold. Whatever occurs within the circle remains confidential, as we gather here to share, support, inspire, and be inspired. We laugh and cry together, without passing judgment.



A maximum of 8 tickets are available 350 SEK per person Swish to 072 1898936 or send an email to [email protected] and pay cash