Women Wisdom Circle


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every month with the energy of the full moon


Sagittarius Full Moon 25 May 2024    16:00 – 20:00 at Jep's Place


Every month around Full Moon 16:00 – 20:00 at Jep's Place


This is an intimate circle, so there are only 8 tickets available every month

A circle altar with candle at the Women's Retreat and Women's Circle
Embrace the Sacred Feminine: Join Our Women's Wisdom Circle

Women have been gathering in sacred circles throughout history, nurturing a tradition of connection, wisdom, and empowerment. Today, as the call to reclaim our feminine essence grows louder, our Women's Wisdom Circle stands as a beacon of light and sisterhood.

Rekindling Ancient Wisdom

In our fast-paced world, the need for deeper connection and spiritual nourishment has never been greater. Our circle offers a return to the ancient rhythms of feminine energy, honoring the cycles of the moon and celebrating the seasons of our lives.

A Tapestry of Connection and Joy

Step into our circle and feel the gentle embrace of sisterhood and empowerment. Under the luminous guidance of the full moon, we weave together threads of connection, empowerment, and joy. Together, we create a safe space to share, celebrate, and inspire.

Nourishment for the Soul

Each gathering is an opportunity for growth and exploration. From invigorating physical exercises to soul-soothing meditations, from creative expressions to heartfelt sharing circles, our time together promises to be a tapestry of inspiration and transformation.

women under full moon
A healthy salad with a Tipi in the background at the Women's Retreat
Celebrating Sisterhood

No gathering is complete without the warmth of shared meals, the rhythm of music, and the joy of dance. Together, we celebrate the beauty of sisterhood and the magic of the moment, embracing each other's presence with open hearts and open minds.

Welcome Home

Our Women's Wisdom Circle is a sacred and safe space where anything can happen. Let go of expectations and simply embrace the experiences that unfold. What occurs within the circle remains confidential, as we gather here to share, support, and be inspired.

Language Note

At our Women's Circle, we embrace diversity and welcome participants from various nationalities and backgrounds. The primary language used during our circle gatherings, including meditations, is English to accommodate our multicultural community. However, we understand the importance of fostering connection and inclusivity, which is why sharing circles and discussions may also incorporate Swedish, German, Dutch, and other languages spoken by our participants. Our aim is to create a safe and supportive space where everyone feels comfortable expressing themselves in the language they feel most comfortable with. Join us as we come together in sisterhood, transcending linguistic barriers to connect on a deeper level and celebrate our shared experiences.

Join Our Sacred Circle

Ready to experience the magic of our Women's Wisdom Circle? Visit our Facebook Event Page to find out more details about our upcoming circles and let us know you will join. With only 8 tickets available, be sure to secure your spot by signing up at least a week in advance. Once payment is received, your place in our circle is guaranteed. Don't forget to state the date of the circle with your payment.


Experience the Energy of Sagittarius
The energy of Sagittarius is expansive, free, and visionary. Under the influence of this adventurous sign, you might find yourself feeling more optimistic and open-minded than usual. Your thoughts will explore new horizons, considering all the possibilities of a situation rather than dwelling on potential obstacles.
Let the Sagittarius Moon reignite your sense of adventure and curiosity, while this moon encourages exploration and growth. You might feel inspired to register for that class you’ve been eyeing or take a leap and join our Women Wisdom Circle for the first time.

This Full Moon occurs when the cooperative Aquarius Moon opposes the individualistic Leo Sun. This cosmic coupling allows us see the difference between satisfying ourselves (Leo) and collaborating with others (Aquarius), and helps us understand the relationship between teamwork and individuality. The community-conscious Aquarius Full Moon reminds us that we are part of something larger than ourselves, and that acting on our ideas and ideals will benefit everyone.

You’ll probably wonder where your invitation is because it’s always a party when the Full Moon is in Aquarius! Full Moons spark an increase in activity and energy, and Aquarius is one of the most outgoing signs in the zodiac. You’ll be more apt to let your hair down and have a good time during this fun-loving Full Moon. (tarot.com)

The Pisces Full Moon is a time of compassion. When the empathy of the Pisces Moon combines with the skills of the opposing Virgo Sun, we truly have the best of both worlds. What these signs have common is a sense of service. This Full Moon reminds us that we don’t have to be precise to be helpful, and that making an error with a loving attitude is sometimes more beneficial than perfect behavior done begrudgingly.

The Full Moon in Pisces turns our simple thoughts into vivid fantasies. We might feel like we’re in a cosmic tug of war where we’re being pulled between idealism and reality. It may seem as though we’re being forced to choose sides, but the point of this lunation is to put ideals and inspiration into concrete forms so we can bring our dreams down to earth. (tarot.com)

During the Full Moon in Aries, which happens in autumn when the Sun is in Libra, rather than wanting to plant the seeds, this is the time when we want to cultivate the energy, to harvest the seeds that we planted six months ago during the New Moon in Aries back in spring. So the Aries Full Moon is the time when those things that we started to do, that were brand new, are now either coming to fruition and working, or not. If the seeds we planted are working for us, we then have to cultivate the crop, we have to harvest — we have to do something with it. And if it’s not working, it’s time to let it go and to move on to something else.

The Full Moon in Taurus occurs when the Sun is in Scorpio, around mid-autumn. The Sun in Scorpio is intricate, while the Moon in Taurus is simplistic. This creates a great counterbalance in energy, taking out the complicated and mysteries energies that are at play during this time. A Taurus Full Moon is a great reminder that by paying attention to our senses — what we can touch, taste, smell, and feel — we can ground ourselves and make life simple again.

At the end of autumn the Sun will be in Sagittarius while the Moon is in Gemini. Because the Sun and the Moon are opposite of each other, we have a Full Moon. This is the time when we see the seeds we planted during the New Moon come to fruition. The jittery Gemini Full Moon is easily distracted by a million minor details, which is a contrast to the philosophical perspective of the Sagittarius Sun.

Sagittarius is not easily distracted, and loves a big idea or a big project. Because we’ll have the influence of long-term loving Sagittarius, the Full Moon in Gemini is a great time to roll up our sleeves and put energy into a project. This could be undergoing a personal transformation or acting on an idea that we’ve been considering for a while.


A maximum of 8 tickets are available 350 SEK per person Swish to 072 1898936 (indicate date of circle) or send an email to [email protected] and pay cash

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